Pedal to Persian Treasures

Tour details

Origin City: Shiraz

Visited Countries:


This trip combines the classic sights of Iran with nature and sports. On this trip you will see the country's cultural attractions and on the way you will get on your bicycles again and again and ride for parts on two or four wheels. You will start your journey in Shiraz in the south of Iran, here you will see the remains of old Persian palaces. You will continue to visit nomads in the southwest of the country and then dedicate yourself to the classic sights of Iran. Then Isfahan with its Islamic architecture and the famous square is on the plan. What makes this trip even more diverse is a visit to the Iranian central desert. Here you also have the opportunity to ride a bike in the sand dunes, which is a special experience and in a certain way represents the highlight of your trip. A visit to a caravanserai is also planned, which contrasts with the rest of the overnight stays. The combination of different activities and the possibility to ride a motorized or ummotoriyed turns this trip to a very special one. In Shiraz you will encounter the old Persian Empire with the ancient remains from a civilization that is thousands of years old. In southwest Iran you can experience the diverse nature of the country. In Abyaneh, also known as the red village, you will see a unique village built from red building materials.

Shiraz impresses with the ancient relics from times long past. In the south and south-west, nomadic life will give you new insights. In Isfahan you will marvel at the architectural works from the Islamic era. Abyaneh is a small but fine village that offers a very special atmosphere. Maranjab is a desert that catches the eye with its diverse landscapes. Tehran is not neglected on this trip either, Tehran, the Iranian capital, is a mixture of tradition and modernity.

Day 1

Arrival Shiraz

Transfer to the hotel.

Day 3

Shiraz-Persepolis : 65 km 

Transfer to Persepolis by vehicle (for Pax) and a pickup truck (for bikes).

Biking stage 1: Cycle from Persepolis to Naqsh-e Rustam and visit them; Persepolis, the most important political capital of Persian Empire, founded by Darius the Great. This site includes a number of palaces such Apadana Public Palace and Hundred Column Hall. Then Proceed to Naqsh-e Rustam, the royal necropolis of Achaemenid emperors which is located close to Persepolis. This site is home to a number of Sassanid reliefs. 

Spend overnight at Hotel.

Biking : 35 km


Day 5


Biking stage 3: to Komehr & Pooladkaf. Discover nomad life in Zagros Valleys by bike.

Spend overnight at Pooladkaf Hotel or in nomad’s tents.

Biking : 53 km


Day 7

Yasuj-Isfahan : 300 km

Transfer to the beginning point (50 km) and biking stage 5: in Dena Protected Area. Transfer from biking stage 5 ending point to Isfahan (250 km).

Biking : 50 km 

Day 9

Isfahan-Abyaneh : 140 km

Transfer to biking beginning point (on top of Meymeh mountain at height of 3200 m) in the morning.

Bike riding stage 7: down to Abyaneh Village.

Stay overnight at Abyaneh Hotel.

Biking : 30 km


Day 11

Maranjab-Kashan : 10 km

In the morning, biking stage 9-1: from Caravanserai to Aran-o-Bidgol. Then transfer to Kashan.

Biking stage 9-2: sightseeing in Kashan by bike: Fin Garden, Tabatabaei House and Agha Bozorg Mosque.

Biking : 38 km

Day 13

Meygun-Tehran : 120 km

Transfer to biking beginning point.

Start biking stage 10-1: In Laar National Park to the bridge.

Stage biking 10-2: From Laar National Park to Polur. Then transfer Polur for Tehran (95 km).

Stay overnight at hotel in Tehran.

Biking : 60 km

Day 15

Departure Tehran 

Transfer to the airport.

Day 2


In Shiraz, you explore Nasir-ol-molk Mosque ; one of the few private mosques of Iran that was constructed in the 19th century. Owing to a different architecture and colorful tiles, this mosque is also known as Rose Mosque. Afterwards, you visit Narenjestan-e Ghavam Garden ; a magnificent 19th-century mansion which was utilized to do official tasks and serve guests. Next, you proceed your sightseeing to Hafiz Tomb, the burial place of a great Iranian Poet (lived in the 14th century) who inspired well-known poets like Goethe. Finally, you end the day by visiting Ali Ibn Hamzeh Holy Shrine ; which features an onion dome and stunning mirrorworks and strolling in Vakil Bazaar ; a roofed bazaar with a domed structure that was constructed in the 18th century and is considered as the most important traditional bazaar of Shiraz.

Day 4

Persepolis-Kahkaraan : 114 km

Transfer to the beginning point (near Beheshte Gomshodeh Village).

Biking stage 2: starts from Beheshte Gomshodeh Village to Kahkaraan Village.

Spend overnight at local house in Kahkaraan or Saran Bala Village.

Biking : 45 km 


Day 6

Pooladkaf-Yasuj : 70 km

Biking stage 4: to Margoon Waterfall. Visit Margoon Waterfall then transfer to Yasuj by vehicle and pickup truck.

Spend overnight at Hotel.

Biking : 40 km 

Day 8


Biking stage 6: Visiting Chehel Sotoun Palace, the public palace of Shah Abbas, featuring miniature artworks from Safavid court and important historical events. Next, head towards Naqsh-e Jahan Square, the second largest historic square of the world, which is surrounded by a number of the most important monuments of the Safavid era including Imam Mosque, one of the exquisite Jameh mosques of Iran, which was constructed by the order of Shah Abbas and features amazing tileworks ; Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, belonged to the women of the king and lacks minaret and courtyard ; and Ali Qapu Palace, the first multi-story palace of Iran, from whose terrace Safavid kings watched the military march and important events taking place in the square. This palace includes many miniature works belonging to Iranian and foreign artists. Then, biking along Zayandehrud River to the Armenian Quarter Jolfa.

Biking : 25-30 km

Day 10

Abyaneh-Maranjab : 90 km

Biking stage 8-1: from hotel down to Hanjan Junction in the morning. Then transfer to Maranjab Desert by Jeep.

In desert, biking stage 8-2: to the dunes. Visit the Salt Lake and discovery around the lake by bike.

Stay overnight at Maranjab Caravanserai.

Biking : 45-70 km

Day 12

Kashan-Meygun : 300 km

Depart for Meygun in the morning. On the way, visit Fatima holy shrine in Qom.

Stay overnight at Meygun Hotel.

Day 14


On this day, you will visit Tehran, which has been the capital of Iran since 1788. First, visit National Museum of Iran, one of the most important museums of the world, containing two post-Islamic and pre-Islamic parts. Next, discover Saad Abad Palace; a palace in the north of Tehran, where two former kings of Iran resided. This palace hosted Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin in Tehran Conference in 1942. Afterwards, you will enjoy Tajrish Bazaar, A big traditional bazaar in the north of Tehran, where people do their daily shopping such as fruits, handicrafts and foodstuff. Finally you will enjoy strolling in Darband Valley, an old neighborhood in the north of the capital that is considered as one of the main routes to ascend the Alborz.

Take a rest in the hotel and prepare bikes.