Our Philosophy

At 1001 Nights Tours, our mission is to redefine the essence of travel. We firmly believe that travel is not just about visiting another country; rather, it is a unique experience that stays with you for a lifetime. When designing our journeys, we carefully plan special activities, including interactions with prominent personalities, to ensure that your travel experience is truly exceptional.

During our tours, our guests immerse themselves in a new world and return home with a wealth of knowledge. The positive feedback we receive from our European and international partners confirms that we are on the right path with this strategy. When crafting a journey, we prioritize the perspectives of our partners. Essentially, we see our collaborations as joint ventures that we successfully conclude together. Our business is more than a profession; it is our passion, and we firmly believe that long-term success is achievable through dedicated, passionate work combined with professional expertise.

As an incoming tour operator, our primary goal is to be your reliable Destination Management Company (DMC) in your chosen travel destination. It brings us joy to showcase our expertise because our expertise is our product!

CEO of 1001 Nights Tours in the presentation of the exhibition

Our Mission

1001 Nights Tours aims to bring people together to facilitate peaceful dialogues among individuals worldwide. We consider travel as the best way to intimately understand diverse ways of life, positioning ourselves as a bridge between different life worlds. The image we convey of our destination is a collage of the best that a country has to offer. In order to promote better collaboration, we are committed to providing you or your guests with a deeper understanding through new experiences.

Traveling with us allows individuals to see the world through a different perspective because we notice what others overlook!

Our Products and Services

1001 Nights Tours offers a wide range of products and services. In fact, our resources enable us to organize both classic and specialized tours for your chosen destination. We also serve as your local B2B partner for delivering customized services. When it comes to the destinations of Iran and Oman, we are your dependable service provider, handling everything from booking individual services to managing tour packages, whether for private or group tours. We can provide you with all the individual services required to assemble your tour packages quickly and in the highest possible quality. Notably, you have the opportunity to source everything you need for your tour from a single supplier, including bookings for luxury hotels, modern vehicles, qualified guides, and visa applications.

We are delighted to design package trips for you that can be sold directly, eliminating the need for further modifications. You will find that our products and services sell well because you understand your customers, and we understand the products your customers desire!

Our Story

1001 Nights Tours is a concept that has been created after years of experience and passion. Our CEO has served as a tour guide and a well-known manager in the tourism industry for over 20 years. During his time as a tour guide, he had the idea to establish a competent and strong incoming agency in the market. Furthermore, he realized that the itineraries offered in various destinations were too simple and inflexible. This led to the founding of our company with the aim of providing tailor-made and special tours, such as mountain climbing, study tours, and birdwatching tours, in addition to classic tours for European and worldwide tour operators. The key point is that you can access all these mentioned services and more through 1001 Nights Tours as a single supplier.

Our next step involved expanding our services and destinations to Oman, which was successfully achieved. We are currently an experienced and successful incoming agency in Iran and Oman and are eager to embrace new and exciting challenges to achieve even more.

You can rely on us because we have been a specialized incoming agency in the market for a long time and will continue to be so in the future!

The Benefits You Gain with Us

What sets 1001 Nights Tours apart is our ability to view services and products from the perspective of our customers. When conducting a tour, the key data and requirements provided by our customers for their booked travel services serve as our guiding principles. We persist until we achieve the perfect result. With us, you receive well-thought-out planning, flexibility, and comprehensive knowledge of all the details for each and every tour. As an incoming agency, we organize tours to Iran and Oman, drawing upon our extensive knowledge of local conditions.

Our sophisticated negotiation strategies and access to special local resources enable us to offer you an exclusive package. This package includes both classic and specialized trips, which we have executed in various ways. 

We are confident that there is untapped potential in every destination, and we are dedicated to discovering it precisely and enhancing the positioning of the destinations we offer to the European and international market.

Throughout the journey, you benefit from our wealth of experience and knowledge. Once you collaborate with us, you won’t need to look elsewhere because we provide everything you desire!

CEO and founder of the 1001 Nights Tours in ITB Berlin 2019

Our Partners

1001 Nights Tours has been collaborating with renowned international partners for an extended period, with particularly intensive cooperation with European partners. Our portfolio caters to a diverse range of customers, not only those seeking classic tours but also those looking for unique and extraordinary experiences. Furthermore, we understand our partners’ language, not only in a linguistic sense.

If you, as a tour operator, prioritize trust, professional expertise, and experience, we would be honored to demonstrate our capabilities and successfully execute travel projects in partnership with you. When we align with the same values, success is within reach!

Our Profile

1001 Nights Tours is a specialized B2B tour operator focused on incoming tours. We offer a range of services, catering to both luxury and middle-class experiences in Iran and Oman. Thanks to our extensive product offerings and our long-standing presence in the market, we have become a trusted partner for European and international clients. With well-prepared services, innovative ideas, and extensive experience, there are very few trips that we cannot handle. Our independence from governmental bodies grants us unrestricted access to local resources, which is particularly valuable when booking hotels. This independence empowers tour operators and us to have complete freedom in designing trips.

Our company comprises a marketing department where staff members speak your language, an operations department responsible for executing all your orders, and an accounting department handling all financial matters.

We have successfully established a unique company because we value uniqueness, and it is the key to our success!

1001 Nights Tours team at the Fitur Spain 2018

Our Team

At 1001 Nights Tours, we are built upon a team of competent and experienced individuals who are the core of our company. We firmly believe that every successful project is underpinned by a dedicated team. We collaborate as a team to solve problems, with everyone continually seeking the best solutions. The combination of our young and dynamic team, along with the extensive experience of our CEO, creates the optimal conditions for seamless and ongoing trips.

Some of the advantages of our team include exceptional organizational skills, access to top-tier service providers, and a deep understanding of the target market. Additionally, each department’s staff is proficient in the language of the sales region, which is crucial for swift comprehension and adaptation of services booked before and during tours.

Our team would be delighted to demonstrate its competence because when you have something to offer, you approach it with enthusiasm!